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Update Available: SwiftModders Admin Theme 5.95 and Client Theme 2.96

Posted on in Product Updates.

I am happy to announce that the latest versions of the SwiftModders WHMCS Admin Theme and WHMCS Client Theme are available to download. These new versions are compatible with WHMCS 7.7.0 only. Please do not update your theme(s) if you do not have WHMCS 7.7 installed.

These new versions introduce some cleanup work I’ve done for these past few months and also many bug fixes. A couple of things to pull out would be the Upgrade handling feature for the addon that will adequately inform you when an update is complete. It will also recompile your customizations immediately after upgrading, so you do not have to.

Another item would be the ability to disable the Gravatar images in WHMCS. Keep in mind that this theme does not control all Gravatar images, but it should allow for greater GDPR compliance.

One of the last things I’ll touch on is proper cache clearing. The addon will properly clear your template cache after each recompile. This change should eliminate the need to empty your template cache manually.

As always, if you have any issues with this release, please open a support ticket. Thank you for your continued support!

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