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We’re making WHMCS beautiful

The SwiftModders WHMCS Admin Theme completely redesigns the WHMCS admin panel and promotes a more unified design. Give not only yourself, but your staff the pleasure of using WHMCS with our custom designed admin theme.

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Feature Highlights

Easy Installation

Simply download the theme from the Client Area and upload to your WHMCS installation. Select the theme and it’s that simple!

Responsive Design

Whether you’re on the go or sitting in the office, this theme will adjust to your devices screen resolution for maximum usability.

Free Support & Updates

This theme comes with free support and updates at no additional fee. I’ll stand by my work and support you to the best of my ability!

Customize Your Admin Theme

Customize Your SwiftModders Admin Theme

NEW in the SwiftModders Admin Theme 5.0.0, you can now adjust the colors and font across the theme. The theme comes with a special PHP file that allows you to define your color values and adjust the theme to match your brand.

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To cut to the chase here. John’s Admin Theme is beautiful, simple to install and just plain work properly every time. His support is quick, accurate and tolerant with dummies like me :). I’ve been a SwiftModders fan for a very long time. You can depend on not only quality work but fair prices as well. Strongly recommended.

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