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John Lewis, Jr - Web Designer

Exposure to the Web Hosting Industry
During my years in college I started a web hosting company that flourished in the industry for 5 years before a later acquisition. This experience gave me insight into the technology industry and the value of excellent customer service.


The Power of a Degree
In May of 2008 I completed my Bachelors of Science in the Visual Arts at Northeastern University. My college experience was invaluable for growth as a person and incubated my ability to think creatively.


Reed Exhibitions
2009 marked my first full year working at Reed Exhibitions as a front-end web designer and developer. I’ve been with the company for almost 8 years and the experiences there have exposed me to many situations that has helped me grow as a professional.


XenForo Experiences
My next business adventure would start in 2011 with a close friend of mine where we developed premium XenForo addons for well over 400 different clients. I learned the value of proper marketing and sales conversion techniques.


The Revival of SwiftModders
2016 will be a new year as a freelance web designer with the revival of SwiftModders. After an eight year hiatus from freelance web design work, I’ll be taking on new projects and exciting challenges going forward.


My Experiences

After spending almost 5 years in the web hosting industry I decided to direct my passion for web design back into the industry. I’ve been working as a front-end web designer and developer for over 14 years professionally and I’ve learned a lot about web design over that span of time. I’ve been working as the Frontend Web Developer at Reed Exhibitions for almost 10 years and the company touches many industries from pop culture to pharmaceuticals.

My first love will always be creating professional web designs for web hosting companies and software providers. My specialty is creating simple, yet powerful designs that offer high conversion rates and a valuable user experience. I’ve worked with some of the smallest web hosting companies to the largest software solution providers in the industry.

Let me use my experience to help grow your online footprint.

My Skills

This is a breakdown of my skillset and where my skillset can help you the most.


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