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SwiftModders WHMCS Client Theme 2.0 Released

Posted on in Product Updates.

Woah, this is a big release! So I’ve spent the past few days making sure that the SwiftModders WHMCS Client Theme has a lot of the same features as the Admin Theme…and then some! I’ve also spent some time addressing small, but apparent bugs and fixing things visually so the theme has greater compatibility with other modules. So what else is in this release of the Client Theme? Let’s go over:


  • Fixed: Stylesheet uses relative paths as opposed to absolute
  • Fixed: Stylesheet uses unique caching variable to show changes immediately
  • Fixed: Javascript file now uses unique caching variable as well
  • Fixed: Changed name of theme folder to allow for use of systpl
  • Added: Boxed styled version of the theme
  • Added: Light styled version of the header
  • Added: Dark styled version of the navigation
  • Added: Top styled version of the navigation under the header
  • Added: Restyled the login page with custom logo and changeable background overlay
  • Added: Restyled the ticket view page in a conversation format
  • Added: Search field to the mobile menu
  • Added: Gravatar based image in the header for logged-in clients


  • Fixed: Version detection function no longer cached
  • Added: Clears template_c directory on CSS compilation
  • Added: Layout style option to choose between “Full” and “Boxed” styles
  • Added: Header style option to choose between “Dark” and “Light” styles
  • Added: Navigation location option to choose between “Left” and “Top” styles
  • Added: Navigation style option to choose between “Dark” and “Light” styles
  • Added: Ticket style option to choose between “Conversation” and “Classic” styles
  • Added: Logo Login URL option to set your logo specifically for the login page
  • Added: Login Overlay Color option to set the background overlay color for the login page

Wow, that’s a lot. I hope you all enjoy it! As with any release, especially one this large, please report any issues or feedback by opening a support ticket. It’s extremely important that you communicate issues to me so I can always make sure these releases are as polished as possible! Lastly, if you’re enjoying this release and feel like spreading the word…please feel free to review the theme on the WHMCS Marketplace. Your feedback and support are what keeps me going! Thank you!

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