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How do I manage feature requests within the SwiftModders WHMCS Feature Request Module?

As a WHMCS administrator, you will have full access to all product groups defined with the SwiftModders WHMCS Feature Request Module. This will make it easier for you and your staff to manage feature requests as they come in. However, remember that your permissions will be limited to what Administrator Roles you have given specific module permissions. To edit those permissions, head to the module settings under “Addons” > “SwiftModders WHMCS Feature Requests.” Once loaded, you edit permissions by clicking the “Permissions” tab.

Accessing the feature requests system

There are several ways to access the module, but as a WHMCS admin, you can access it easily by visiting the WHMCS frontend. You will see a “Feature Requests” navigation item that you can click on. Once loaded, this is the landing page for the feature requests system. As an admin, you’ll see all the active product groups you’ve created!

As a client, the “Feature Requests” navigation item has been moved under the “Support” navigation item. This was done to ensure your navigation does not break when you have many top-level navigation items in WHMCS. Of course, you can always move your navigation items utilizing the WHMCS hooks system as outlined in their Navigation developer documentation.

View the feature requests as a WHMCS Admin in the SwiftModders WHMCS Feature Request module

Moderating new feature requests

The module comes with moderation enabled by default, but if you’ve disabled this feature, then you will not see any of the options below. Instead, access the feature request frontend (as described above) and navigate to the product group where the pending feature request is. Once you’ve loaded the product group page, all pending feature requests will be highlighted in yellow. If you have many pending feature requests, you can filter out all approved feature requests by clicking on the “Moderation” item in the sidebar.

Accessing moderation tools in the SwiftModders WHMCS Feature Request module

You should see an “Actions” dropdown next to the pending feature requests. Expand the dropdown to locate the “Approve” option and select it. Once completed, the feature request will be approved and visible to the public. In addition, if you’ve enabled the “Send Client Email Notifications” and your client has opted-in to receive these emails, they will be notified that their feature request is now available. Of course, you can always “Unapproved” a feature request if you need to hide it for any reason.

Moderation actions in the SwiftModders WHMCS Feature Request module

If you’ve enabled the “Email Admins on New Feature Requests,” you will receive an email with a direct link to the feature request. You can also approve the feature request directly from this page by clicking the “Actions” button and selecting the “Approve” option.

Moderation actions in the SwiftModders WHMCS Feature Request module

Editing a feature request and comment

As a WHMCS admin with edit permissions, you’ll have full access to edit all feature requests and comments. To edit a feature request, navigate the feature request’s details page within the Feature Requester. Once you’ve landed on the details page, click the “Actions” dropdown and select “Edit.”

Editing a feature request in the SwiftModders WHMCS Feature Request module

Aside from the typical feature request fields, you will notice several “Admin Only” fields where you can make significant changes to this feature request:

  • Status: This field will allow you to modify the current status label assigned to the feature request. Remember that when “Send Client Email Notifications” is enabled and the client has opted in to receive emails from the module, they will receive an email when you change the request’s status.
  • Close this Feature Request: If enabled, this feature request will be closed from receiving any new comments or votes. However, the request will remain active and viewable if you need to revisit it.
  • Approve this Feature Request: This option works similarly to the “Approve” dropdown item. If enabled, the feature request will be viewable to the public.

Editing a comment is very simple, as well. When you’re on the feature request with the specific comment you want to edit, you will see an “Edit” link next to each comment. This will enable you to adjust the contents of the comment.

Editing a comment in the SwiftModders WHMCS Feature Request module

Modifying the votes for a feature request

As a WHMCS admin with delete permissions, you can alter the items in the “Vote Log.” Accessing the log will also be under the “Actions” dropdown for a specific feature request. First, select the “Vote Log” option.

Vote log in the SwiftModders WHMCS Feature Request module

You will see a table of all the votes associated with the feature request you are viewing. If, for any reason, you require clearing the vote total, you can click the “Clear All Votes” button in the upper-right-hand corner. Alternatively, clicking the “Delete” button can delete a single vote.

That’s it! If you have any other questions about using this module, please open a support request so we can assist you. We hope you enjoy the product!

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