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How do I uninstall the Allure Blesta Client Theme?

1. Change your template and order form template

Before uninstalling any Blesta theme, changing your “Template” and “Order Form Template” back to something currently installed is always a great idea. To do so, you’ll need to log in to your Blesta admin account and navigate to “Settings”> “Company”> “Look and Feel”> “Templates.”

Changing the client template in Blesta

Changing your “Client Template” back to “Bootstrap” would be the safe option. If you are switching to another theme, choose it from the list here. Do not forget to change your “Order Form Template” by navigating to “Packages” > “Order Forms”.

2. Uninstall the Allure Blesta Theme via the Theme Installer

Navigate to the “Theme Installer” from the primary staff menu. You will see the “Allure Blesta Client Theme” as one of your installed themes with an option to “Uninstall.” Simply click on the “Uninstall” button to start the process.

Uninstall the Allure Blesta Client Theme

The uninstall process will automatically drop any specific MySQL database tables for the theme. Once completed, you will see a success message stating that the theme has been uninstalled. If you encounter an error, please open a support request.

3. Remove/restore the theme files from your server

This is not necessarily a step you must complete, but it is recommended to keep your Blesta installation clean. The Allure Blesta Theme has a few files and folders you can remove and replace at your discretion:

/plugins/swiftmodders_blesta_theme_installer/themes/configs/allure.json /plugins/swiftmodders_blesta_theme_installer/themes/installs/allure/ /plugins/order/views/default/affiliate_tabs.pdt* /plugins/order/views/default/affiliates_signup.pdt* /plugins/order/views/default/affiliates.pdt* /plugins/order/views/default/forms.pdt* /plugins/order/views/default/payouts_add.pdt* /plugins/order/views/default/payouts.pdt* /plugins/order/views/default/referrals.pdt* /plugins/order/views/templates/allure/ /plugins/order/views/templates/allure_ajax/ /plugins/support_manager/views/default/client_tickets_reply.pdt* /plugins/support_manager/views/default/knowledgebase_view.pdt* /plugins/support_manager/views/default/knowledgebase.pdt*

Notice: All files marked with an asterisk (*) are files that should be restored to their original state. Do not delete these files as it will break your Blesta installation.

The best way to remove these files and folders is to load up your favorite FTP client or control panel file manager.

You have entirely removed the Allure Blesta Theme from your server. Hopefully, this will not be the last time we see you, and you will consider using SwiftModders in the future for your web development needs. Thank you for your support!

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