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New Website, More Services and Upcoming Theme

Posted on in Announcements.

It’s been a long time coming

I am incredibly excited to release the newest version of the SwiftModders website and branding. The goal of this website was to highlight my services and themes better while providing enhanced documentation and information. The navigation is similar, but there are some changes to the way they are laid out. The theme details page will now showcase more of the features in a structured manner, outline available bundles, additional add-ons, and the changelog. The changelog should be very helpful for those who want to see what’s changed from release to release clearly.

I have also moved announcements from WHMCS to the WordPress blog system. One of the primary reasons for this is due to the feature-rich way that WordPress handles blogs. It will give me more control over announcements and how they interact with other systems.

Lastly, the knowledge base system has been replaced with a custom-built WordPress FAQs system that will provide better documentation for my themes. One of the biggest complaints has been the lack of documentation, and I am actively working to correct this. I am hopeful the new FAQs system will make it easier for you to install, upgrade, and modify your theme installations.

Theme customization, not to be confused with integration!

I have a new service available for any WHMCS Theme purchase called “Customization.” This service, much like the installation service, is a quick way to have your new theme match the branding of your website. Utilizing the customization options available in the add-on module, I will add your logo, brand colors, and fonts. This service does not account for any additional customization work, and editing of TPL, CSS, or JS files will not be included.

If this type of service is not enough for your needs, you can always request a quote to have a custom WHMCS theme created exclusively for your business.

Upcoming “Allure” WHMCS Theme

You may have noticed that the Client Area is sporting an overall new look and feel. This unveiling is the official test run for the new Allure theme that I hope to release sometime this summer. This theme will remain in production testing for a few weeks while I work out any visual or coding bugs you discover. If you happen to notice anything, please be sure to open a ticket for the “Theme Feedback” group. Screenshots or error messages will be constructive in correcting a lot of these bugs.

Once the production testing is done, I’ll be pulling together a small QA group to use the theme for a short period. Those select few will be tasked with making sure this theme works up to their expectations. As thank you for their time, I will be offering them free licenses for the new Allure theme.

I have no exact timetable ready, but I will be sending out an announcement when I’m prepared to form the QA group. There will be an application process for any current customer to join this group.

What’s next for SwiftModders?

Once the Allure theme has been released to the general public, I will be focusing on the following for the rest of the year:

  • SwiftModders WHMCS Admin Theme 6.0 Release
  • SwiftModders WHMCS Client Theme 3.0 Release

A couple of WHMCS releases will more than likely slow down development so I cannot give any ETA’s. The goal, however, is to have this all completed before years end. Thank you all for your support, and please share any feedback you have on the new website!

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