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All WHMCS Themes and Modules Now Support WHMCS 8.7.2

Posted on in Product Updates.

Home Blog Product Updates All WHMCS Themes and Modules Now Support WHMCS 8.7.2

Updated: All WHMCS Themes and modules have been updated to support 8.7.2. Minor style changes and small bug fixes have been applied to this release. As always, please view the changelog for more details.

We are pleased to announce that all SwiftModders WHMCS Themes and WHMCS Modules now support WHMCS 8.7. We apologize for the delay in this release sprint, as a few personal issues cropped up around the same time as this release. If you’re curious about what’s changed in WHMCS, please view the post on WHMCS’ blog for more details.

Before updating your theme installations, you must update the Theme Installer to version 1.6.2. There are several bug fixes, optimizations, and enhancements in this version. You will also notice that there are no longer specific folders for different Ioncube versions, as we are now using a bundled encoder that supports PHP 7.2+ and PHP 8.1.

Please visit the changelog for more details on what’s new in each product release. As always, if you have any issues updating your product or have a problem with the product after updating, please open a support request. Thanks for your continued support!

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