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SwiftModders WHMCS Admin Theme 5.9a & Client Theme 2.6 Released

Happy to announce that the latest releases of the SwiftModders WHMCS Admin Theme & Client Theme are now available to download. These releases fix a few visual bugs, including a last-minute bug that has been patched in 5.9a for the Admin Theme. This release also…

SwiftModders WHMCS Admin Theme 5.8 & Client Theme 2.5 Released

Now that WHMCS has announced the much-anticipated 7.3 release, I am happy to also announce that the SwiftModders WHMCS Admin Theme and SwiftModders WHMCS Client Theme both now support that version. Versions 5.8 and 2.5 respectfully support WHMCS 7.3 and have also fixed a handful…

SwiftModders WHMCS Admin Theme 5.7 & Client Theme 2.4 Released

It’s been a while since my last update and I apologize for that! I have moved into my new house and I’m getting married next Friday :D! While a lot is going on in my life, I wanted to make sure I take care of…

SwiftModders WHMCS Admin Theme 5.6 & Client Theme 2.3 Released

Another WHMCS release and another SwiftModders WHMCS Theme release! As you all may have noticed, WHMCS has released version 7.2.2 today and this introduces some minor changes to their stock templates. This update to the¬†SwiftModders WHMCS Admin Theme & Client Theme is minor, but necessary…

SwiftModders Client & Admin Themes Now Support WHMCS 7.2

I am happy to announce that the SwiftModders Client Theme and Admin Theme now support WHMCS 7.2.1!¬†I apologize for the delay in making this update available to you all, but the latest release of WHMCS included a heavy amount of changes on the style and…

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