Gina & John: In Love 2017

Project Details

Completed: February 18, 2017
Client: Gina & John

It’s so much easier to design something for yourself, but it’s also a lot of pressure when it’s a representation of your love for someone else. Building a wedding website for my fiancee and I was one of the more challenging projects I had to work one, yet one of the more gratifying of my life. The idea was simplistic, but we wanted something that looked professional, functioned well and matched the general feel of our wedding.

Our wedding has a traditional-style with some contemporary elements. My fiancee is a bit of an old soul and I wanted that to show on our wedding website. I used the fonts and color scheme to find ways to express that. I also had a logo commissioned to help give us a brand. All-in-all it seems to have been rather successful and feedback gathered has been positive.

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